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The epidemic of tobacco use is one of the greatest threats to global health today. The shift in the global pattern of tobacco use is reflected in the changing burden of disease and tobacco deaths. Tobacco use is now accepted as the most important cause of premature death and of much chronic ill health in most industrialized countries. Ruthless marketing by multinational companies and the illicit trade of tobacco products are adding to the burden of oral cancer in developing countries. To promote, establish, support and strengthen a multi-sectorial approach towards the increasing Tobacco menace; it is necessary to keep one self-updated with the latest scientific literature and techniques to understand Tobacco dependence and cessation measures. This journal focuses on understanding the detrimental effects of Tobacco on oral health and develops an evidence-based platform for its prevention.

Dr. Bhumika Kamal Badiyani


Evidence-based tobacco control interventions have been effective. Promotion of cessation treatment in clinical settings, smoke-free policies, bans on advertising, tobacco tax and price increases; forbidding smoking in all public and workplaces; mandatory clear and visible graphic health messages on tobacco packaging and comprehensive statewide tobacco control programs can be used in different settings and have a significant impact on tobacco consumption. Our journal is an effective medium for publishing scientific manuscripts, which deals with all areas of effective interventions since the goal of ending tobacco-related death, and disease requires additional action

Dr. Amit Kumar


The International Journal of Tobacco and Oral Health (IJTOH) Calls for Unique, Unpublished research papers in peer-reviewed Scientific Original articles, Case reports, Review of Literature, Short communication relevant to oral health issues, as well as practical informative and evidence based articles aimed at academicians and clinicians. All submitted compositions are assessed by our Review board and Editorial board members utilizing twofold dazzle associate evaluation process. All compositions passing assessment stage will be published online once Author finishes the enrolment procedure. Papers must be composed in English, may as well have sound linguistic use and fitting terminologies. It is expected from Authors that they will check their compositions for written falsification test and determine they are submitting just extraordinary content for thought in International Journal of Tobacco and Oral Health (IJTOH) publication. We attempt our best to assess every composition for its uniqueness, still if in future any composition considered breaking the copyright will be uprooted from International Journal of Tobacco and Oral Health (IJTOH) list without former perceive.

Dr. Vishal Anand